SoCal League Race #2 Vail Lake

Going into this race weekend I was super excited because Vail lake is one of my favorite courses to race, and camp at, but I was also very nervous because I wanted to do well. We left for vail around 8:30pm Friday and got there by 10:00pm, by that time I was tired and went to bed right after we arrived. Saturday I woke up and ate breakfast, and went to go hang out with some team mates, Then around 11:00am we all decided to go pre-ride the course. The pre-ride was fun but crowded, the course was in great conditions, and the laps were not a lot of climbing so I knew the race would be fast. After the pre-ride I went to my trailer, got my hammock and hung it in a tree by the race course and watched the middle school races. After the races we had a quick SoCal devo team meeting, then afterwards I went up to my trailer to eat dinner and prep for the next day.    The morning of the race I could feel the race nerves, but I tried to relax. I ate breakfast, went to our team meeting, then hea

SoCal League Race #1 Lake Perris

Going into to the race weekend I was super excited and nervous because it has been a while since I raced, and I didn't know how I would do. I pre-rode the course on Friday and Saturday  before the race. Coming Saturday I realized how much I missed the SoCal events and this made me even more excited to race. Before I knew it, it was race morning and it was time to get ready. I woke up around 7:00am, ate breakfast, and started to pack up to leave to Perris. We arrived around 8:45am and it was time to prep for my race and also cheer on my teammates who raced in the first wave. I continued to hydrate and watch the races until it was time to get ready to race. I put on my race plate (which was 115, and that my B-Day so that's pretty cool), get on all my amazing Rudy project riding gear, and hop of my awesome Ellsworth Enlightenment to start to warm up.  After a nice warm up I headed down to the staging area and before I knew it we were getting staged. I ended up getting my number

State Championships

Season X is over, but I’m happy to leave it on a good note. We left on Friday right after school to state champs in Petaluma, which was a long drive and where arrived around 11:00 pm, after arriving at our hotel about 30 mins away from the venue it was time to get some sleep.  Saturday morning we got up early, ate breakfast and got ready to head out to pre ride the course. I got to the venue around 11:30. Then we went on a pre ride with coach Brian, the preride went smoothly except crashing on a dusty turn. The course was exactly the same as the year before, but not as bumpy. This course was not my personal favorite because all the bumps but the scenery is beautiful and racing it was pretty fun the year before so I was excited to see what I could do the next day. After the preride it was time to wash my bike, and get into the pre race routine.  On Sunday morning I had to wake up earlier than usual because girls raced first, which I was not used to. I woke up around 6:00am and got

SoCal league finals at Tehachapi

This race was the last race of the socal league, besides states in two weeks where we verse NorCal. Going into this race I was really excited because Tehachapi is one of my favorite courses because of its fun single tract downhills. We decided to leave Saturday morning to drive out to the race. It took about 3 hours to get there. When we got there we went to eat then went to the venue to go pre ride the course, but when we got to the venue it was around 2 and the middle schoolers were about to race so we decided to come back later that day to pre ride. In between this time I just took it easy and rested and made sure to stay off my feet. When got to the venue around 5 to preride. Alyssa and I went through the course picking lines and talking strategies. Midway through the pre ride I noticed my tire getting low so I used my güp to try to fix it, but the sidewalk tair was too big. So the rest of the pre ride consisted of stopping and putting more air in it, with the help of some of my yu

Socal Race #4 Victory at Vail

After Bonelli it was time to rest up and drive to vail. So right after the race I started my recovery process for the race the next day. After getting a good nights rest, Alyssa and I woke up a little early ate breakfast  and headed off on to our preride. During the ride we took it nice and easy then stopped and practiced lines, especially on the  downhill of the varsity add on. I really enjoyed the course and was excited to race in a couple hours. While Sitting at the team pit I started to get nervous, and started to get all my things ready to race. After this I started to warm up, it wasn’t long before I was warm due to the heat. After the warm up it  was time to stage. Luckily I was the first number called after call ups. It started off fast with everyone trying to get a top spot into the single track, and I managed to get a top 5 spot into the single track. I kept up, pacing myself because I knew I had 3 laps. And then my sister caught up and started to pass me. By this time it w

Sea Otter Classic 2018

Leading into Sea Otter I was super stoked and excited because I have never been before. I didn’t know what to except or what the course was like. We left on a Friday, leaving around 8, after packing up everything I needed for the weekend. It was a long drive, but a very scenic one, with beautiful view of farmland and flowers. We got there around 2pm and went to go find our camp site. When looking for it we met two really nice campsite directors who gave us a better spot then what we had, which was really nice because it was a lot closer to the venue. When I first saw the venue I was shocked how big it was. It was huge with tons of pits and it was cool being able to see some of the downhill course from our spot. After settling in it was time to go to bed and wake up early for a pre ride on Saturday. Saturday started off with getting up around 8:00am and eating breakfast. After breakfast alyssa and I got ready and met up with Coach Heather and Coach Brian to do a shortened pre ride, bec

Golden State Series Bonelli

On Wednesday I met up with my team to go preride the course. I thought the course was fun, but it was also difficult because it was mostly steep and short climbs. Like the weekend before it was a double race weekend and the day after bonelli I would race the socal league at vail. So on Friday I packed all the things I would need for the weekend and then woke up saturday and it was time to get ready for bonelli. We arrived around 8:30, then had to register. After registering time went by pretty fast, and then it was time to warm up, we did a 20 min warm up then took a little loop of the course and headed down to the staging area. On the start line I was pretty nervous and it was getting pretty hot. And then it was time to go. On the first lap, which each lap is around 4 miles, I tried to stay as close to my sister as possible. And throughout the first two laps I was not right behind her, but I could see her a little ahead. By the end of the 2nd lap I could definently feel the heat get